There’s starlight and sunlight — and no error I could find— in this elegant book where the soul shines through every line...Remica Bingham-Risher has written a world class book of poems. It’s the best of the best in American poetry. This is no imitation. This is the real thing.  

--Grace Cavalieri


A collection of love poems available now from

from Diode Editions!

How do we save what’s coming? The love between two people, cut through by error and time, often marks the path for those who follow. In Starlight & Error, the legacies of love between aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers, children and their children’s children is re-told through the lens of imagined memory. In the difficult landscape of the present, is black love revolutionary? Are faith and forgiveness? Here, the history of love—fraught with fear and light, war and hunger, distance and gravity—is always asking: how do we transcend the mistakes of those who made us? Can music save us? Can the stars?

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